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Tender Request

A typical outcome of spend analysis is the tender process. The commodity manager can create a new tender. Select the spend category they are interested and add all items to the new tender from the spend tree. This includes new items created in spend three that have not been added to the material master yet. SearchLight will automatically pull in the last price paid and annual consumption to establish a tender baseline. These baseline values can be edited to account for anticipated changes in consumption or pricing if necessary. The commodity manager sets the opening and closing dates and times for the tender and selects standard question sets to include. If necessary the commodity manager can add custom questions and change the tender evaluation score card. Before opening the tender the commodity manager can log in as a test vendor to test what the tender will look like from the vendors’ perspective. When the tender has been check and approved. The commodity manager can select vendors and notify vendors. Vendors are not able to log into the tender until the tender start time has been reached.


Once the tender is open the commodity manager can view reports indication who has logged in and their percentage progress in terms of tender completion. The commodity manager is not able to view tender responses until the tender closes.


Vendors download documents answer questions online and attach required documentation.


Vendors are able to ask questions during the tender in the form of public notes. All responses are handled in terms of public notes as well. All people involved in the tender are able to view public notes.


The commodity manager is able to extend the tender if they chose.


The vendor can make changes to their response at any time between tender opening and closing.


The vendor is able to offer alternate products. For example if the tender requests 500mm welding Rods the vendor is able to offer an alternate 600mm welding rods with a suggested conversion factor to the tender item.


All changes or updates are recorded for audit purposes including when the data was captured or changed and by whom.


Once the tender closing time has been reached all vendors are automatically logged out of the system.


Once the tender has closed the commodity manager is able to use the automated evaluation tools. They are able to adjust conversion factors for alternate items and compare a number if automatically generated scenarios. For example best price alternate included, best price alternates excluded, best single vendor etc. Each scenario is compared to the baseline values for the tender and the potential savings / impact calculated.


The commodity manger can create their own scenarios and make a final recommendation.


Once the final recommendation is approved the tender can be automatically converted to a contract in contract control centre.