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SearchLight is an innovative software package designed to help organisations take control of, and reduce their inbound supply chain costs.
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Spend Analysis

SearchLight DBSA is the core module of the Searchlight Offering. It provides a single view of all business transactions by combining purchase order and direct payment information from all systems and divisions within the business.


SearchLight is able to categorise and analyse expenditure based on low quality free-text descriptions. SearchLight includes data cleaning and harmonisation tools. There is no need to first clean the input data prior to using SearchLight.


This ability to classify and analyse spend based on descriptions and not just material numbers or classification codes makes searchlight ideal for reporting on data from multiple systems that do not share the same vendor and material master coding structure.


SearchLight allows commodity managers (who understand the data) to refine the allocation rules ensuring that all spend (including free-text spend) is correctly allocated in line with business requirements.


In searchlight it is possible to control which users are allowed to edit allocation rules for each category.


Searchlight is can fix bad spelling in text descriptions simplifying the rule building process.


Searchlight can consolidate duplicate vendors for analysis and reporting purposes.


In Searchlight you are able to create multiple spend trees. For example a commodity manager may wish to examine the impact of moving certain IT items into their stationary category because local stationary suppliers have started providing some IT equipment at great prices. The commodity manager can create a new stationery group in a “scratch pad” project that includes these items. This has no impact on the main spend tree. If it is later agreed that the new grouping matches the supply market and commodity strategy better than the original grouping this new grouping can be copied into the main tree to replace the original grouping.


Searchlight Description Based Spend Analysis can be used to classify other free text data for example

  • Customer complaints
  • Exit interview data
  • Profit Improvement Suggestions
  • Combine data from multiple sources
  • Identify savings
  • Develop a comprehensive procurement strategy
  • Analyse Free-Text Spend