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SearchLight is an innovative software package designed to help organisations take control of, and reduce their inbound supply chain costs.
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SearchLight Software

About SearchLight Software

Marshan Technologies is a South African based software development company founded in 2007 by Marc Silberbauer and later Michael Rasch.


Our original focus was on developing software capable of analysing free-text purchase orders to help companies save money and improve procurement activities. Based on the success and results of this solution we uncovered many new ways to improve supply chain performance.


Over time we have developed a comprehensive procurement solution that is designed to automate and integrate traditional sourcing and purchasing activities making it easy for customers, suppliers and end users to interact across a unified web based platform reaching beyond the traditional boundaries of the organisation. Our core product is the SearchLight Software suite.


Our software is used by leading mining houses, insurance companies, hotel groups and industrial and companies.


We have a dynamic team of developers working from Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Our focus is on software development. We work closely with our network of implementation partners to deploy our solutions.


In the insurance industry we work closely with our sister company Codeplex (where we have a 100% stake) and our customers to provide comprehensive, integrated insurance specific solutions.


In the hospitality industry we work closely with Wanama Outsourced Procurement (where we have a 10% stake) to develop cutting edge procurement solutions that apply best practices in the outsourced procurement environment.


In the manufacturing space we work closely with CCI-Growthcon to ensure that our solutions support industry best practices.


Working across multiple industries allows a cross pollination of best practices and the applicability of our solutions to multiple commodity groups.